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Do OFWs bound for New Zealand still pay the price?


No Placement fee policy

Despite the 'no placement fee policy' as strengthened by a bilateral agreement between PH and NZ in 2015, some workers arriving in New Zealand still pay recruitment fees.

Language: Filipino [turn on YouTube caption for English subtitles]

    2 minutes and 13 secs 


Christina Stringer

University of Auckland Business School

Christina undertook research on migrant worker exploitation in New Zealand and reported on exorbitant fees Filipinos paid to recruitment agencies in the Philippines. Her full report is available here

Language: English

    1 minute and 20 secs


Ellene Sana

Center for Migrant Advocacy

Ellene talks about the complexity of recruitment fee issue and traces the root cause of the problem.

Language: English


    1 minute and 38 secs

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